Customized Blankets, Ponchos and Poufs 


Three steps to configure your customised knit! Most of my items are custom made. Here you can see all available colours for blankets. Ponchos and Poufs are self-dyed, all colours possible. For a custom order, please contact me through the contact sheet or via Mail:

Step 1: Choose Colour

Step 2: Choose Size

Blanket 90 x 130.JPEG


Giant Merino Blanket in Colour Macciato. Weight: Approx. 2,5kg.

Size 130 x 90 cm. 240€.


Size and Price Options

I hand knit any blanket size up to 250 x 250 cm. In the table I listed some size examples. The price depends on size and weight of the blanket.

Step 3: Contact me through the Contact Sheet